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Material and structure classification of PCB and its influencing factors

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Update time : 2023-12-02 17:26:30

What are the types of PCB?PCB can be categorized according to different criteria, and the common categorization methods are as follows:

- According to the material, there are two kinds of materials: organic and inorganic. Organic materials include phenolic resin, fiberglass/epoxy resin, polyimide, etc. Inorganic materials include aluminum, copper-iron copper, ceramics, etc. The main consideration is the heat dissipation function.

- According to the finished product's softness and rigidity, there are three kinds of boards: hard board, soft board, and flexible and rigid board. Rigid boards are PCBs made with rigid substrates, soft boards are PCBs made with flexible substrates, and flex-rigid boards are PCBs made with a combination of rigid and flexible substrates.The main considerations are installation space and reliability.

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