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What are the common electronic components?

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Update time : 2023-01-09 15:33:56

There are many types of electronic components, and what are the most commonly used electronic components? For many electronic products and circuit devices, the most commonly used components are the following.

1. Resistors

Resistor is mainly in the circuit to be able to shunt and current limiting or biasing role. It is expressed by "R" plus a number.

2. Capacitor

Capacitor is a component that can store electric charge, and its main characteristic is to isolate DC and pass AC. The size of its capacity indicates the size of its ability to store electrical energy, and the role of the AC signal obstruction is often referred to as capacitive pits.

3. Crystal diode

Crystal diode is also one of the commonly used electronic components, its main is able to achieve the role of positive voltage.

4. Voltage regulator diode

Its main use in the circuit, its greatest characteristic is that even if the breakdown phenomenon, but also to make the voltage at both ends basically does not change.

5. Variable capacitance diode

Variable capacitance diodes are often used in cordless phones or cell phones on high-frequency circuits, to modulate low-frequency signals to high-frequency signals, and transmission out.

6. Inductor

Inductor coil is a kind of electronic components with through DC resistance AC, the higher the frequency, then the coil impedance will be larger.

7. Crystal transistor

Such electronic components are mainly in the amplification circuit to play the role of amplification. Relatively speaking, it is a special component with amplification ability.

8. Field effect transistor amplifier

Field effect transistor has a certain input impedance and low noise. Therefore, it is used in a wide range of applications.

These are the contents included in the commonly used electronic components. It is because it is commonly used, so the sales and competitiveness in the market is great. When choosing must be careful, do not blindly choose the low price, but to choose cost-effective brand can.

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