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What are the difficulties of chip manufacturing?

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Update time : 2023-01-14 10:29:29

What are the difficulties of chip manufacturing?

1. Precision and accuracy: chip manufacturing requires extremely high precision and accuracy, a small error can lead to chip failure fire performance degradation. Therefore, in the chip manufacturing process, it is necessary to strictly control the process parameters and use high-precision equipment and measuring instruments to ensure the quality and performance of the chip.

2. Complexity: The internal structure of the chip is very complex and contains a large number of electronic components and linked lines. In the process of chip manufacturing, complex processes such as photolithography, masking and etching are required to realize the internal structure of the chip.

3. Process complexity: The manufacturing process of the chip is very complex and contains many precise process steps. During the chip manufacturing process, the process parameters need to be strictly controlled to ensure the stability and repeatability of the process and to avoid deviations and defective products in the process.

4. High cost: The chip manufacturing process requires high-precision equipment and a lot of labor, making the manufacturing cost very high. At the same time, the chip manufacturing process is designed to a large number of technology development and design, which will increase the production cost of the chip. Therefore, the chip is very difficult to make.

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